Our Philosophy 

At the Jewish Academy of Fine Arts learning is organized around thematic units of study. Our hands-on, integrated approach is interesting to the students and allows our faculty the opportunity to be creative. Our program places great emphasis on developing the skills students need in a rigorous academic environment. We also emphasize social and emotional development through the teaching of Jewish values.

Teachers work to establish a community of learners in their classrooms, and each child is treated as an important part of the community. We pay careful attention to the individual developmental needs and learning styles of our students as they embark on new adventures in the world of learning.

We seek to find a balance between independent discovery and structured learning that will allow our students to develop curiosity and a natural love of learning. The Judaic and secular teachers work closely to develop a learning plan that makes sense for each student. Learning occurs in large groups, small groups and one-on-one.

Our program is full of many inventive, stimulating, concrete activities that reflect our integrated Judaic-secular curriculum. We have the opportunity to plant the first seeds for a life dedicated to Torah and Mitzvot. We promote a commitment to Zionism, the State of Israel, and a love of the Hebrew language.