Hebrew immersion at LBJA is a cumulative building process. Exposure begins in the earliest years in kindergarten where the children are exposed to an all Hebrew-speaking environment. In elementary school, we see dedicated periods for Hebrew language immersion instruction with Native Israeli and Certified Hebrew Language Educators that are trained in teaching Hebrew.

Students explore and advance their Hebrew language capabilities through a variety of methods including web-based research projects and other forms of technology. Learning the modern, living language, of Medinat Yisrael is also a method of connecting our students to our homeland and its people and culture.

In the classroom, from second through fifth grades, LBJA students work through a program called Chaverim B’Ivrit and Tal-Am, developed by Hebrew language teachers. We also offer Advanced Hebrew for native or experienced speakers while incorporating the parallel curriculum being taught in Israel.

Those who come from Hebrew lacking backgrounds are offered personal one on one tutoring. Our children love our Hebrew Curriculum and It is not unusual to hear our children conversing among themselves in Hebrew during recess!