Judaic Studies


Our Judaics Studies are very lively and taught in a fun manner. Starting this upcoming school year, we will be initiating an exciting new Judaics curriculum for the whole school. LBJA will be the FIRST Jewish Day School in the State of Maryland to incorporate the very successful Chumash curriculum “L’Havin U’Lehaskil that was developed by the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools.

This curriculum has successfully been implemented in more than 55 Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivot throughout the United States and Canada and employs a “building-blocks” approach to Chumash. The material is quite impressive and incorporates current educational models and technology in a skills based program that appeals to both students and parents.  Each year builds upon and expands the textual skills acquired in the previous year. Basic and fundamental skills of dissecting the words and pesukim will be acquired in the 1st and 2nd grades. In the 3rd grade the children will acquire the skills to read Rashi script and will begin to use Rashi commentary.

The 4th, 5th and 6th grades will engage the students in a deeper level of textual analysis. The goal at all levels is for students to be confident to independently learn the text of the Chumash and Navi. We will also be offering a progressive curriculum for the study of Mishna for the higher grades. One of the most important goals of Mishna studies is the acquisition of the concepts that are the foundations of the Oral Torah, Torah She’Baal’Peh. Students learn to compare and reconcile divergent opinions presented in the Mishna. They develop a familiarity and facility to argue the manifold positions of the Mishna through class debates. Students develop a connection to the text through memorization of the mishnayot and explore how major themes in the Mishna apply in their daily lives.

Our teacher is a certified Judaics Teacher and has many years of experience.