Children staying for lunch will need to bring a dairy lunch from home, or you may participate in our optional Hot Lunch program for an additional daily/monthly fee. Label all containers with your child’s full name. Please try to prepare a reasonably sized, nutritious lunch, and limit snacks/sweets. As a licensed Montgomery County Day Care facility, we must abide by the rules, regulations, and suggestions set forth by the Health Department. They have asked that we inform families that “soda, candy and other ‘junk food’ should not be included in your child’s lunch.”

We will not allow dessert items, other than fruit, to be consumed until and unless the nutritiousfoodsprovidedinthechild’slunchhavebeenfinished.” Allunfinished food will be sent home so that you will know what kind/how much of the lunch your child actually eats.

PLEASE NOTE: Because we are housed in a synagogue, LBJA maintains Jewish Biblical Dietary Laws called kashrut (kosher). Please send in only dairy or vegetarian foods and snacks for your child’s lunch. No meat, poultry or shellfish may be brought into the building.



An increasing number of children have food allergies. It is critical that you instruct your child not to share food with other students. Although it is nice to be generous, children must know that it could cause life-threatening complications to another child.

We are a “peanut aware” school, and we ask that you be sensitive to peanut allergies as well. To help keep our students safe, there may be a time that some children will be separated from their groups briefly at lunch.

Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding in these matters.