PTO Weekly Roundup

Dear Parents,

We’re back from our elongated Pesach break and are back in action. Not surprisingly, the long break has had an effect on how much the classes have raised for the week. The kids only raised $0.27 this week, but we had a great week before Pesach, so we still had a very good month.

The winner, for two months in a row, is the 1st grade!! They raised a total of $81.09 for April! They will get their ice cream party next week, along with other prizes for passing the $100 and $200 milestones. They also are now in the lead for the total raised for the year. We are so proud of them!! Keep up the good work!!

Next month, May, will be our last month for the class contest. Because there are only 2 weeks of school in June, there really isn’t any point to have it then. To date, the children have raised a whopping $862!! It would be amazing if they topped $1,000 for the year. There are four classes that are really close in the race to win the year, so it’s still anyone’s game!

Their money raised has contributed so much to our year-to-date budget and have helped us do so many great things, with more to come!

And speaking of more to come, be on the lookout for the PTO’s last events of the year coming soon!

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Chametz!

-The PTO


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