A Core of Essential Knowledge
The Jewish Academy of Fine Arts is committed to teaching an in-depth knowledge of Hebrew language, Torah, Jewish traditions and customs, and Jewish values. Hebrew is taught as both a living language and as the language of Torah and prayer. We are equally dedicated to excellence in our secular program, which encompasses language arts, mathematics, the sciences, and physical education. Our enriched curriculum in art and music is a key part of the program.

The Development of Values 
The Jewish Academy of Fine Arts encourages the highest standards of responsibility and ethical behavior. We work toward fostering respectful and loving relationships among students and teachers. We are dedicated to developing our students’ awareness of their role in the community and actively involve them in service to the elderly and those less fortunate than themselves.

Personal Development
The Jewish Academy of Fine Arts seeks a balanced, well-rounded education of the whole child. We create a caring, stimulating and challenging educational environment in which self-confidence, critical thinking, and problem solving skills can be cultivated. We emphasize cooperation, forming friendships and working with others to enhance the learning experience. We carefully consider the intellectual growth of each child, recognizing that there are differences in individual learning styles. Our teachers use a wide variety of methods and techniques in order to provide students with successful experiences nurture their individuality and their intellectual and moral growth.