After Care/Clubs

After Care Clubs – Invented Musical Instruments

Week 1    September 12

We began with watching some videos on some unusual instruments that have been made with unexpected items to give us some ideas.  We then started to experiment with sounds and rhythms.  The children were asked to find something at home that makes noise and to bring it in next week.

After Care – Adventure Club

Week 1       September 14

We began with learning about ticks.  Although we will do what we can to avoid them, they are found in our area and can carry harmful diseases.  It always a good idea to be on the lookout for them after walking in woods and fields.  The students were given an information sheet on them and what to do if you find one.  Bug sprays can be used to deter ticks and mosquitoes, but the use of pesticides is up to you and I will need parental permission before applying any.

We took a practice walk to “where the sidewalk ends” and noticed lots of interesting insects such as crickets, ants and a bee hive.



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