PTO Weekly Roundup

Dear Parents,

Pesach vacation starts tomorrow, which is really crazy to think about, and the class contest will only have three weeks this month because of that.

In the past three weeks, the 1st grade has been on fire, raising over $182 in that time period! They have blown past the $100 and $200 milestones and are now leading the rest of the classes, with a little over $224. It’s amazing! Again, to remind parents, the 1st grade won March and will get their ice cream party the first Friday after we get back. Because they also reached the $100 and $200 milestones, they will also be getting special prizes for their accomplishments. We are so proud of the hard work they’re doing! Parents, please let them know when their party will be and that they’re going to get extra rewards for their efforts!

That being said, we have started April and Pesach off with a bang. The 1st grade won the week by raising $81.08! The 3rd grade came in second place with a total of $14.81. And while the 1st and 3rd grades did a fantastic job, there is no third place winner because none of the other grades brought in anything.

We’re aware that this month will probably be a bit difficult because of the holiday break, but we ask you to keep encouraging your children to bring in whatever Tzedakah they can to help us help the school.

We want to wish the parents a wonderful, happy and Chametz-free Pesach! We also want you to be on the look-out for a Save-the-Date announcement that will be coming right after Pesach for our next amazing event next month!

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!

-The PTO


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